Kernel’s 10 Responsible Commitments

The “10 Commitments of Kernel” represent the values of the Kernel company in its activities and services, CSR commitments that make our clients and collaborators proud to work with Kernel.

Recruit in Africa and do it right with Kernel.

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Giving Talent a chance to shine

Every day, Kernel works to give Talents in high-potential countries access to job opportunities that enable them to make the most of their skills and motivation by working with companies around the world from their home country.

By calling on Kernel to recruit international staff, our customers offer these talented individuals the opportunity to express themselves and join ambitious companies on a long-term basis. By having Kernel teams, our customers spread their knowledge and know-how and promote the development of skills on an international scale.


Making a real impact (B Corp)

You can make a huge impact by recruiting with Kernel, while meeting your HR needs in a long-term way, in a working environment offering the highest standards.
We’re an extremely ambitious, profit-driven company, and we’re convinced that this doesn’t contradict the idea of having concrete, positive values for everyone.

Opening up African talent to the world

There is a wealth of talent in the countries where Kernel operates. The level of training is excellent and the work value of each individual is particularly high. This creates an ideal environment for companies wishing to recruit attractive profiles

Showing the reality of high-potential countries in Africa:

The level of training is high, with higher education institutions that value the merit and hard work of their students with the idea of training tomorrow’s leaders.

Infrastructures are excellent, buoyed by massive investment and the presence of all services useful for professional work (high-speed internet, etc.).

Development in these countries is proceeding at a frenetic pace, with governments taking a long-term view.In the countries where Kernel sets up, stability and security are paramount criteria, so we carry out advanced preliminary studies and only go to countries with a high level of security.

Implementation of B Corp certification:

Our team is committed to implementing Kernel Group-wide B Corp certification.

The so-called “B Corp” certification is a certification awarded to commercial (for-profit) companies meeting societal and environmental requirements, governance as well as transparency to the public.The name is an abbreviation of “Benefit Corporation”, designating a company recognized for having a beneficial impact on the world, while also being profitable.

To find out more about B-Corp, click here.

This certification process is underway at Kernel, and every employee is committed to it.

B Corp Certification

Respect women and men equally


At Kernel we make no distinction on the basis of gender, age, religion, position or origin. In all our operating processes, we value only merit, hard work and commitment. By recruiting employees with Kernel, our customers promote respect for the treatment of all.

Kernel's 10 Responsible Commitments

Avoid remoteness
family and expatriation

Talents located in countries where Kernel is present no longer have to leave their families, loved ones and home countries to find job opportunities that value their skills and give them a real career perspective.

The brain drain

By offering Talents concrete professional opportunities, we avoid the brain drain of those who actively participate in the development of their country and will become tomorrow’s leaders. We help them deploy their full potential, making a significant contribution to their country’s economic and social development. (modifié)


Working against precariousness

No more subcontracting to opaque IT services companies/agencies that are not at all transparent about the working conditions of the employees they place on assignments.
No more employing people in precarious countries with unstable contracts.
No more jobs that do not comply with local regulations and labor laws.
No more difficult working conditions, in a low-quality environment, with mediocre equipment. By recruiting employees with Kernel, you can be sure that none of the points mentioned below will affect you.
Your employees will be in the best working conditions, conditions that you control and that our local team guarantees every day.
Our customers’ Talents have real employment contracts, in line with local regulations.

By calling on Kernel to recruit employees internationally, our customers offer these Talents the opportunity to express themselves and join ambitious companies on a long-term basis. By having Kernel teams, our customers disseminate their knowledge & know-how and promote the elevation of skills on an international scale.

Our customers are free to:

- apply the work rules of their choice,
- recruit the Talents of their choice,
- choose the type of contract for their Talent according to the country’s possibilities,
- pay their employees freely (Kernel does not deduct anything from employees’ salaries),
- change their employees’ working conditions at any time (salary, contracts, benefits, etc.).


Providing transparency at all stages

Kernel is revolutionizing the generally opaque offshore employment market by creating an environment of quality and transparency.
We take pride in each and every one of our internal processes, which is why we carry them out with transparency towards our customers and employees.

At Kernel, our customers know or control:

- Their employees’ working conditions.
- Their employees’ contracts and remuneration.
- The breakdown of service costs.
- The actions and commitments of the Kernel Group.


Creating exceptional work environments

We invest heavily in every country in which we operate, with the aim of creating unrivalled environments for our customers’ employees and playing an active part in raising standards in each country.

In this sense, our value proposition is clear: whatever country we operate in, we recreate the working standards of the most advanced countries (infrastructure, safety, employment, equipment, processes, quality of working life, etc.).


Every day, a presence in every country

Unlike many EOR services, the Kernel team is continuously present in the field, in all the countries where we offer our services. We do not subcontract the services we offer our customers.

This makes a huge difference, as we’re able to react quickly and efficiently, with an enhanced knowledge of how each country works and who works there.

Our roots:

To reinforce this embeddedness, our local teams create powerful ecosystems of partners in different sectors:
-Schools & training centers
-Employment organizations
-Associations & NGOs
-Institutions & Governments


1% Solidarity

1% of the Kernel Group’s total sales is allocated each year to support an impact initiative. Our customers decide which cause Kernel should support by voting, once a year, from a selection of initiatives that address societal issues.

1% of all our employees’ time (2 paid days per year) is dedicated to supporting causes chosen by Kernel Group employees.

If you would like your employees to join our team in this 1% solidarity initiative, please talk to your Account Manager.


Acting for the environnement

Having an intensive international activity that enables companies to recruit Talent from all over the world cannot be envisaged without taking into account the environmental impact of the Kernel Group.

Optimizing international travel

Avoid unnecessary travel: our customers’ employees have the ideal working environment to work from their home country, so there’s no need for them to travel to the other side of the world.

Optimized, compensated travel for the Kernel team: Kernel favors decentralization by employing local staff to manage each of its countries. The rare employee trips are optimized and 100% carbon-compensated.

Material and equipment management

Favoring short supply chains: whenever possible and never to the detriment of the quality of our services and infrastructure, we work with local companies to supply us with the materials and equipment needed to fit out and run our offices.

Optimizing international transport: every move of material is thought out to be optimized in volume & weight. Together with our logisticians, we consider the use of suitable, efficient transport for each geographical area.

Optimal life cycle: we work on the life cycle of all our equipment, giving it a second life through a strong social approach (equipping schools, donating to NGOs, etc.).


Making our customers and teams proud

With Kernel, we are reinventing Offshore Employment in a virtuous way.
We seek to carry out each of our actions in the best possible way, with absolute respect for working conditions, women and men, so that our customers can be proud to hire employees around the world.

This is what every member of the Kernel team gets up for in the morning.

That’s what Kernel’s 10 commitments are all about.

Recruit in Africa and do it well with Kernel

Our commitments in PDF >

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