Hire and Manage Talent in Africa Responsibly

Kernel is an EOR that allows you to hire talent across Africa, simply and in full compliance.

No need for a local office, our platform makes it easy to manage all HR complexities (employment contracts, payroll, currency exchange, etc.) so you can focus on growing your business.

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Hundreds of talents hired by companies around the world:

Kofi M.
Cyber Security Analyst
Aïssa N.
Video game developer
Okonkwo C.
AI specialist
Ababio K.
Sales assistant
Fasil L.
El Amrani H.
Customer support

HR platform that makes hiring talent in Africa easier

Whatever the size of your company, get a head start by developing your international team with Kernel.

Accessible talents

+20 countries accessible

in Africa to enable you to hire the best talent to develop your business.

Lower costs

Save 80% on HR costs

by using Kernel and recruiting in Africa, compared to the average cost of hired staff in Europe.

Fast hiring

Hire in less than 48 hours

with Kernel’s HR platform, which allows you to manage everything in compliance (contracts, benefits, payroll, administration, etc.).

10 Kernel commitments
for a real and measurable local impact

Our approach is part of a daily CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. We pay special attention to the local impact of our activities in each country where we are present, this action is embodied by 10 commitments that are at the heart of our business.

Through us, our clients have a positive impact in every country where they hire their employees.

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Strengthen your teams

Whether you’re looking to expand an existing team or set up a dedicated division, Kernel can help you with your recruitment needs.

Tech & IT

Accelerate your developments with Front-end, Back-end, Data scientist, DevOps, Full-stack profiles and much more!

Sales & Marketing

Reinforce your sales team with sales assistants, lead generation, SEA, SEO.

Support & Assistance

Absorb the increase in your support workload with dedicated staff.


Secretarial, accounting, data entry, reporting, assistance, don’t be left in the lurch in these areas.

Local development

Recruit real people to develop your local presence in new African countries.


Copywriting, design, social network moderation, content, reinforce your teams with dedicated resources.

With Kernel, develop your teams in Africa easily.
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Our team is available to introduce you to Kernel and answer any questions you may have. Explore this opportunity for your company.


Countries in Africa available


Talents hired with Kernel


Savings per employee


To finalize a hire

Transparent pricing for easy recruitment

Our rates are simple, clear and consistent, whether you’re hiring a single Talent in Ghana or a 30-strong team in South Africa.

Hire and manage employees in several countries without setting up a local structure.
/month per employee
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Contrats de travail en conformité
Onboarding et offboarding salarié
Paie locale et primes
Change et devises
Environnement de suivi et de gestion RH
Avenants et évolution de carrière
Gestion des congés et absences
Assurances obligatoires
Déclarations salariales
Déclarations patronales
Déclarations obligatoires du pays
Impôts et taxes locales
Assistance juridique
Respect de votre propriété intellectuelle
Assistance RH disponible
Offer your employees a working environment with the highest standards.
variable depending on the country
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Toute l'offre Remote, plus
Accès à un poste de travail privatif et équipé aux standards élevés
Gestion du matériel informatique avec renouvellement tous les 24 mois
Espace de travail sécurisé (surveillance et gardiennage)
Connexion internet haut-débit
Tous les frais inclus (électricité, assurance, climatisation, entretien, etc.)
Office manager présent sur site
Relai de développement de votre culture d'entreprise locale
Possibilité d'espace de bureau 100% privatif (à partir d'une certaine taille d'équipe)
Our department that helps you find and recruit the talent you need.
Pour les entreprises qui souhaitent recruter en Afrique et qui n'ont pas encore identifié les bons talents, notre équipe d'experts présents, sur place, dans chaque pays, vous accompagne pour chacun de vos recrutements:
Création d'offre d'emploi
Diffusion globale (locale ou multi-pays)
Sollicitation de notre réseau local (base de données, partenaires, etc.)
Pré-sélection des profils pour simplifier votre recrutement
Aide à la négociation (salaire, contrat, avantages, etc.)
Assurance Talent retrouvé

Want to learn more?

Let’s talk about your needs, our team and advanced local expertise are here to help you achieve your goals.

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Recruiting in Africa is your next best move

“My name is Andrea Goudal, and 8 years ago, I founded WIIN.io, a SaaS software that has amassed over 350,000 users and clients among the largest companies (BCG, Renault Group, AFD, EDF, BNP Paribas, etc.). We grew our business with an exceptional team of 40 employees, based between France and Togo.

Faced with the difficulty of recruiting in France, we opened an office in Africa and hired exceptional, motivated Talents, in an ideal time zone.
This remote team made our growth easy: the workload rebalanced, turnover reduced, and our recruitments multiplied.
Following our successful exit, I founded Kernel to enable any company to do as we did, to hire, with a real employment contract, their own Talents in Africa to more easily develop their business and highlight local skills.”

Build your international team easily, hire real collaborators

obscure subcontractors

Hire real employees, 100% dedicated to your business, with a real employment contract and a work environment that you control

Your employees, 100% dedicated

Your live management

Your rules and processes

Your intellectual property

Your corporate culture

unstable collaborations

Forget freelance contracts on the other side of the world, which create instability and risk for key collaborations

Offer your employees real contracts

Create legal and financial security

Optimize the payroll process

Value the skills of your Talents

Lift the right profiles out of social insecurity

links with your existing teams

Don’t underestimate the importance of creating cohesion between your multi-country team members

Choose your recruitment countries

Work on optimized time zones

Create a long-term collaboration framework

Optimize your team management

Reduce the workload of all your teams

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Unlock a world full of opportunities

Hire anywhere in Africa without opening a local entity. We hire for you in over 20 countries. Don’t waste time, board your talents and stay focused on your work.

Contracts, Documents
and Onboarding

Offer your employees real employment contracts, without insecurity. Whatever the country, offer the most suitable contract, collect all the necessary information and welcome your employees.

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Payroll, Premiums and Benefits

Pay your teams every month, in a single payment and in your own currency, whether you use one or several countries. Manage bonuses and align your internal benefits policy for all your Talents.

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and Declarations

Recruit in full compliance with local regulations. We take care of all employer and employee declarations, as well as payment of local taxes.

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Leave and Absences

Manage leave requests, absences, work stoppages and health insurance, regardless of the country you’re recruiting in. Offer your employees the best possible service and save time. Our support is global, on site and without subcontracting.

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Office, Hardware
and Culture

Put your Talents to work in environments with the highest standards. Our office space and IT equipment management enable you to create optimal conditions for each Talent to express their skills.

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Kernel teams On site

Unlike many services, our teams are present on site in every country where you can recruit with Kernel. No subcontracting, we operate directly and work every day to develop a total expertise on the continent at the service of companies and Talents.

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South Africa
Ivory Coast

Discover a world
of opportunities

We make more than 20 high-potential countries in Africa accessible to companies worldwide, enabling you to hire new talent and create a genuine team environment.


We help you
find your talents

We have set up a department to help you effectively recruit Talent for all your needs. Our many years of expertise in Africa enable us to support you in all types of recruitment.

Talent identification & pre-qualification

Our HR teams find the right profiles and test them to help you make the right selection.In the event of a departure, our team will assist you, free of charge, in the search and recruitment of a new employee.

With Kernel, develop your teams in Africa easily.
Discover more!

Our team is available to introduce you to Kernel and answer any questions you may have. Explore this opportunity for your company. Explore this opportunity for your company.


Countries in Africa available


Talents hired with Kernel


Savings per employee


To finalize a hire