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Our rates are simple, clear and consistent, whether you’re hiring a single Talent in Ghana or a 30-strong team in South Africa.

Hire and manage employees in several countries without setting up a local structure
/month per employee
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Complying employment contracts
Employee onboarding and offboarding
Local payroll and bonuses
Exchange and currencies
HR monitoring and management environment
Endorsements and career development
Management of leaves and absences
Compulsory insurances
Salary declarations
Employer statements
Mandatory country declarations
Local taxes
Legal assistance
Protecting your intellectual property
HR support available
Offer your employees a working environment with the highest standards.
variable depending on the country
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The whole Remote offer, plus
Access to a private and equipped workstation with high standards
IT hardware management with renewal every 24 months
Secure workspace (surveillance and security)
High-speed internet connection
All expenses included (electricity, insurance, air conditioning, maintenance, etc.)
Office manager present on site
Relay for the development of your local business culture
Possibility of 100% private office space (from a certain team size)
Our department that helps you find and recruit the talent you need.
For companies that want to recruit in Africa and that have not yet identified the right talent, our team of experts present, on site, in each country, accompanies you for each of your recruitments:
Job offer creation
Global diffusion (local or multi-country)
Solicitation of our local network (database, partners, etc.)
Pre-selection of profiles to simplify your recruitment
Negotiation assistance (salary, contract, benefits, etc.)
Rediscovered Talent Insurance

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Our service takes care of all your employee recruitment and management needs, so you can concentrate on your work and we'll take care of the rest.

Compliant employment contract

payroll management

Money transfer
and currency management

Social and employer

Leave and absence

bonuses and benefits

and career development

and Offboarding


fully-equipped workspace

New equipment
regularly renewed

Office Manager
and on-site HR manager

The next steps ?

Here are the next steps, depending on how far you have progressed in finding your Talents.

4 steps to hire your talents in less than 48 hours

With our fast, streamlined approach, your employees will benefit from a compliant contract in less than 48 hours, with no management required on your part. There's no need to set up a local structure or deal with administrative and legal formalities - we manage everything for you.


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The first step is to arrange a meeting with a Kernel account manager, so that we can understand your needs and guide you effectively through the next steps.

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Your Kernel platform

Creation of your Kernel space and signature of the MSA to guarantee the quality of the link between you and Kernel (confidentiality, requirements, specific features).


Choosing the right Kernel offer

You choose the Kernel offer you want, according to your recruitment, country and needs. You can change at any time.


Contract creation and employee onboarding

You share your future employees' details with us, so that we can generate the employment contracts in line with your requirements. Once this is done, your employees are ready to join you.

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7 steps to identify and recruit your talents in less than a month

Our team, with its strong presence in the field and its expertise in talent recruitment, guides you through every step of your hiring process. We're here to provide you with complete and effective support.


Let's organize an exchange

The first step is to arrange a meeting with a Kernel account manager, so that we can understand your needs and guide you effectively towards the next step.

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Your Kernel platform

Creation of your Kernel space and signature of the MSA to guarantee the quality of the link between you and Kernel (confidentiality, requirements, specific features).


Recruitment meeting

Our dedicated recruitment business unit organizes a meeting with you to understand your needs in detail and set the terms and conditions of the position to be recruited (skills, country, language, culture, etc.).


Talent search and selection

Our Talent Department takes care of the entire process of hunting, distribution, identification and pre-recruitment, so as to present you only with profiles that are qualified for your position.

Recruitment >

Final selection of candidates

You have the last word! Have the talents presented to you take all the tests you feel are useful to validate the final choice.


Choosing the right Kernel offer

You choose the Kernel offer you want, according to your recruitment, country and needs. You can change at any time


Contract creation and employee onboarding

You share your future employees' details with us, so that we can generate the employment contracts in line with your requirements. Once this is done, your employees are ready to join you.

Why choose Kernel?

It's up to you to decide! Discover how Kernel, the EOR specialized in Africa, stands out from other players in the market.

With Kernel

Expertise dedicated to Africa and to the specificities of this continent in terms of employment, culture, organization and needs.

Our Kernel team is present, in the field, in all the countries where we offer our customers the opportunity to hire and manage collaborators.

360* management of our value chain, from first contact to contract management, including equipment or office space. Everything is operated by Kernel.

A transparent approach, a team available at all times to support you, no hidden processes or costs.

A multidisciplinary team composed of account managers, office managers, HR managers, technical assistants, logisticians and more.

Real and affirmed values as you can discover in our 10 Kernel commitments in order to make our customers proud to hire Talents in Africa.

All the others

Seeking to be in as many countries as possible, the offers of our competitors are not adapted to the specific specificities and needs of Africa.

Our competitors are not physically present in all the countries they offer, this greatly reduces the ability to anticipate the actions to be taken.

Use service providers to manage certain services offered to their customers. This generates complexities and additional costs.

Options to activate, limitations in the offer and generally no dedicated project manager available at any time.

Generally a team with great access to sales and customer support, not always adapted to specific needs.

A smooth, decontextualized approach that is unconnected between the service and the men and women who depend on this service.

We help you
find top Talents

We have set up a department to help you effectively recruit Talent for all your needs. Our many years of expertise in Africa enable us to support you in all types of recruitment.

Talent identification & pre-qualification

Our HR teams hunt down the right profiles and test them to help you make the right selection.
In the event of a departure, our team will support you free of charge in the search for and recruitment of a new employee.

Frequently asked questions

What services are included in Kernel's offerings?

At Kernel, we offer two comprehensive packages, designed to meet all of your recruitment and talent management requirements in Africa. Here is a detailed overview of each offer.

Kernel Remote : This offer covers all legal, administrative, contractual and daily management aspects of your employees. This includes the drafting of contracts, declarations, the management of expenses, payroll, currency conversion, as well as the management of leaves and absences.

Kernel Remote is the ideal solution for recruiting quickly and cheaply. It is designed to simplify the hiring process while reducing associated costs.

Kernel Global : This offer includes all the services included in Kernel Remote. In addition, Kernel Global offers access to a private, secure and fully equipped office space. You also benefit from new equipment, a dedicated office manager and all the amenities necessary to provide your employees with a high level working environment.

With Kernel Global, offer your teams a working environment that meets the highest international standards.

Commitment to Quality and Efficiency : Whether you choose Kernel Remote or Kernel Global, our aim is to provide a comprehensive and effective solution for your recruitment and management needs in Africa, ensuring an unparalleled quality of service.

What is the total monthly cost of a collaborator hired through Kernel?

The total cost of a collaborator recruited via Kernel is calculated as follows: Gross Employee Salary + Employer Contributions + Kernel Offer

  1. Gross salary: This represents the gross salary that you will have negotiated with your employee and that will appear on their employment contract.
  2. Employer charges: These charges vary according to the countries where you are recruiting and are directly linked to local regulations. For each recruitment, we inform you of the amount of these charges.
  3. Kernel Offer: This represents the amount of the offer you selected for this collaborator.

Kernel is committed to offering a transparent and understandable pricing structure, allowing you to effectively manage the costs associated with your international expansion.

Assistance and Transparency : Our team is available to provide you with detailed advice on the cost structure and to help you understand all the financial aspects related to international hiring. We are dedicated to ensuring total transparency so you can make informed decisions.

How is the employment contract structured for an employee recruited via Kernel?

At Kernel, we play an essential role as an International Reference Employer. Here's how it works:

  1. Drafting the employment contract : When you recruit an employee in a specific country, Kernel acts as a Reference Employer. The employment contract is then established between the employee and the local Kernel structure. This contract will respect the specificities you have determined, such as salary, working hours, benefits, etc.
  2. Your relationship with Kernel and the employee : For your part, you are bound to Kernel and your collaborator by an “Execution Agreement”. This agreement ensures that the employee is employed according to the conditions you have set. It therefore formalizes your commitment and that of Kernel to respect the terms agreed for the employment of your collaborator.

This process ensures that the employment contract complies with local laws and regulations, while also complying with the terms and conditions you have established. Our objective is to facilitate your international recruitment by ensuring flawless legal compliance.

Support and Compliance : The Kernel team is always available to support you in these steps and to ensure that everything takes place in full legal compliance. We're here to help you navigate the complexities of international recruiting.

What should I do if a collaborator recruited via Kernel does not meet my expectations?

At Kernel, we understand that recruiting internationally can be challenging at times. It is crucial to comply with the local regulations of the country where the employee was hired. Here is how to proceed in different situations:

During the trial period : As with any local recruitment, you can define a trial period. If, during this period, the employee does not meet your expectations, you have the option of terminating his contract in accordance with the standards in force.

After the trial period : If problems occur after the trial period, you have two options:

  • Conventional termination: You can negotiate with the employee a mutually agreed breach of contract.
  • Dismissal: If an amicable termination is not possible, dismissal may be considered, according to legitimate reasons determined by local law.

It is important to note that, although Kernel facilitates the recruitment process by reducing the administrative, fiscal and legal burden, you are still required to respect the rights of your employees and the labor laws of the country concerned. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, and if costs related to legal proceedings arise as a result, these fees will be re-invoiced to you by Kernel.

Kernel Support : Our teams are at your disposal to support you throughout your recruitment processes and to answer all your questions. We are here to ensure a smooth international recruitment experience that meets current standards.

What happens if an employee recruited via Kernel decides to resign?

Resignation is a possibility for any employee, including those recruited via Kernel. Here's how it's handled:

Possibility of resignation: Just like in any other company, your employee has the right to resign if he wishes.

Compliance with local regulations: The employee must comply with the legal rules in force in the country of employment, which generally includes complying with a notice period.

Kernel support in case of resignation:

  • Immediate assistance: If one of your employees resigns, our talent department is ready to intervene quickly to minimize the impact on your business.
  • Search for suitable profiles: We help you find a qualified and competent replacement, with equivalent abilities, as soon as possible.

Ongoing support : At Kernel, our commitment is not limited to the recruitment phase. We are always at your side to help you manage the complexities associated with managing the human resources of your international employees.

Kernel commitment : We understand the importance of maintaining a stable and competent team. That is why we are committed to supporting you every step of the way, thus ensuring smooth and effective HR management.

How does managing multiple collaborators work with Kernel?

Kernel offers a simplified and effective solution for customers who choose to recruit entire teams. Here's how it works:

Centralized Online Management : You manage all of your employees via a dedicated online space. This platform allows you to manage contracts, payrolls, benefits, as well as absences and holidays, as easily as on any HR tracking software.

Kernel Services : We take care of all administrative and legal aspects, as well as declarations and compliance for you. Our role is to free you from the complexity of these tasks, allowing you to focus on the development of your business.

Simplifying Payroll Management : Each month, you will receive a single invoice covering all salaries, expenses, bonuses, benefits and other expenses related to your employees. This invoice is sent to you in your currency. We then take care of all the following steps: currency conversion, transfer, distribution, as well as the preparation of pay slips.

Kernel commitment : Our aim is to simplify human resources management for our customers. With Kernel, managing international teams becomes smooth and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on your core business.

More questions about Kernel? We are here to answer them.

It's perfectly normal to have questions when it comes to human resources, International Reference Employers (EOR), recruiting in Africa, and other related topics. At Kernel, we are aware that these themes can raise a lot of questions. That's why we offer several options to help you:

Consultation with a Kernel Expert : To obtain clear answers adapted to your specific situation, we invite you to make an appointment with one of our experts. They are ready to answer any questions you may have and to clarify issues you may not have thought of.

To organize this consultation, simply click on the following link: Make an appointment.

Visit Our Help Center : If you prefer self-study, our online help center is a great resource. Here you will find detailed information on various aspects of hiring and managing employees in Africa via Kernel.

Visit our Help Center to explore a variety of topics and how-to guides: Kernel Help Center.

Kernel commitment : Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to confidently navigate the complex world of recruiting and talent management in Africa. Whether through a personalized consultation or through our help center, we are there to support you every step of the way.

With Kernel, develop your teams in Africa in all simplicity.
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