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Recruit the right profiles for all your needs

Our Kernel HR & Recruitment teams help you find the right talent to meet your needs regardless of your sector of activity and the jobs you are looking for. Discover the quality and dynamism of our ecosystems now.

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Recruiting employees will never be a problem again and a brake on your growth

We provide you with our teams and resources to manage your recruitments in more than 20 African countries with high potential. With Kernel, target strategic countries and distribute your job offers effectively in our local networks.

Our HR teams are present in the field as close as possible to African talents

The strength of Kernel is our daily presence in countries where we offer our clients the opportunity to hire and manage talent. Building a powerful local network, our teams and partners source profiles that match your needs.

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You are a talent based in Africa?

Stay tuned for opportunities you can explore with Kernel and build a quality relationship with businesses around the world without having to leave your country and your family.

All jobs

Whatever your background or sector of activity, if you are looking for professional opportunities with international companies, do not hesitate to join our community.

A service designed for you

Kernel is a service that wants to create a lasting and qualitative bridge between companies from around the world and talents located in Africa. We facilitate employer <> employee relationships.

Stay tuned to the market

Do not miss an opportunity to join an international company from your country, with a real work contract, a pay slip and a job that allows you to shine.

Avoid precariousness

Forget precarious contracts, difficult statuses, ask your foreign employers to go through Kernel to offer you a real employment contract and ensure you get paid every month.

Powerful networks in each country to help you recruit

Of contacts

We have a continuously evolving database of several thousand talents looking for opportunities and ready to join you in the countries where we are located.

HR and Communication Teams

Our field teams work daily to strengthen the Kernel network and anticipate business demand by encouraging local talent to stay informed of Kernel opportunities.


We create partnerships with training organizations, event organizers and local headhunters to maximize the efficiency and speed of our research.

Broadcast groups

We create broadcast and proximity groups (WhatsApp, Telegram, Telegram, email, social networks, Discord, etc.) with talents looking for a professional opportunity.

Skill and network ecosystem for sourcing talent in Africa

A pre-selection process to save you valuable time

Our team is responsible for identifying and pre-selecting the most interesting profiles for your business. Stop wasting time dealing with dozens of resumes and focus your attention on candidates who factually meet your criteria.

You +

Job offer

We write a job offer that includes all your characteristics (job, level, experiences, training, etc.).

Talent search

Our team distributes your offer throughout our network and carries out specific hunting operations.


We test your candidates (interviews, simulations) in order to identify the most relevant profiles.


Final choice

You communicate with the pre-selected candidates and you have them take your usual tests.

Are you CEO, HR, Head of People?

3 reasons to use Kernel:


Countries that are accessible to you to find exceptional profiles who will be your real collaborators over the long term (no freelancers or opaque service providers).


Average savings on the overall cost of your employees which are located in countries where the standard of living is cheaper.
At Kernel we recommend good remuneration.


An average of one month between our first exchange and when your Talent took up a position, identified, tested and hired especially for you in exceptional working conditions.

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Valuing and making accessible existing skills in Africa

We are building a sustainable and efficient bridge between African talent and businesses around the world. We are building dynamic communities of several thousand people, in a variety of sectors, who are listening to job opportunities and who are ready to join your business.

African collaborators gathered around a table working on a document

Strengthen your teams

Whether it is to expand an existing team or to set up a dedicated division, Kernel supports you in your recruitments.

Tech & IT

Accelerate your developments with Front-end, Back-end, Data Scientist, DevOps, Full-stack profiles and much more.

Sales & Marketing

Strengthen the action of your sales team with sales assistants, lead generation, SEA, referencing.

Support & Assistance

Absorb the rise in charge of your support with dedicated collaborators.


Secretariat, accounting, data entry, reporting, assistance, do not stay in tension in these areas.

Local development

Recruit real collaborators to develop locally in new countries in Africa.


Copywriting, Design, Social Media Moderation, Content, strengthen your teams with dedicated resources.

With Kernel, develop your teams in Africa easily.
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Our team is available to introduce you to Kernel and answer any questions you may have. Explore this opportunity for your company. Explore this opportunity for your company.


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