Hire and manage talent across Africa

We hire employees for you in over 20 African countries: manage your new talent from our platform, without the need for a local office, and without the administrative constraints and costs usually associated with hiring.

How it works?

To hire an employee in another country, you generally have to set up a local legal entity. This is a time-consuming and costly process, not to mention the need to manage payroll and all other HR aspects of the hiring process. With our Employer of Record (EOR) solution, we hire for you the employees you have chosen, who will in fact work for your company, just like any other member of your team.

Expand your talent pool

With our legal entities present in over 20 countries in Africa and our extensive on-the-ground expertise, you can recruit the talent you need.

Let us handle compliance

We manage the entire process to ensure your compliance with contract, minimum wage, termination conditions and other local regulations.

Save time on management

Manage all your employees via our platform, and pay them all at once. We manage tax, benefits and compulsory deductions.

Automate your manual tasks

Our platform makes it easy to manage your employees in several countries. Explore Kernel’s features today.

Payroll and benefits

Manage your employees’ payroll in just a few minutes

Whether you’re recruiting talent in one or more countries, with Kernel you can easily manage all your employees on your platform. You can access all relevant information as if they were “in the office next door”.

Kernel platform interface showing the management of offshore employees' payroll slips
Kernel platform interface for managing users and employees
Employee management

Visualize and manage all your employees in one place

Whether you’re recruiting talent in one or more countries, with Kernel you can easily manage all your employees on your platform. You can access all relevant information as if they were “in the office next door”.

Contracts and documents

View all documents on our secure platform

Pay slips, employment contracts, approved and verified identity documents - all your employees’ useful documents are accessible from the Kernel platform, in a secure environment adapted to optimal HR management.

Kernel platform interface displaying the digital safe for document management
Screen showcasing the calendar and absence management functionalities of the Kernel platform
Leaves and Absences

Approve leave in one click and check absences easily

Forget archaic tables for tracking holidays, absences and leave for your teams. Each employee can submit his or her requests and have them approved in just a few clicks, in compliance with local regulations.

Billing and offers

Control your budget and simplify money transfer management

You receive a single invoice, in your own currency, every month, which includes all your employees’ payroll and employer’s contributions, as well as the Kernel service. We manage the shipments to each country and the money transfers.

Kernel platform user interface showcasing client invoice and credit management
Screen displaying the onboarding and KYC functionalities of the Kernel platform
Onboarding & KYC

Simplify the hiring of your new employee, wherever they may be

With Kernel, all you have to do is invite your new employee to your platform to go through the KYC process and sign their employment contract. In just 48 hours, you can hire talent in over 20 African countries, in full compliance.

Working time

Validate the presence of your current employees

Even when you’re on the other side of the world, you can track the presence of your employees in real time and make sure your teams are working in harmony.
Your Kernel platform enables you to manage your employees wherever they are based.

Kernel platform interface displaying the employee work time tracking dashboard

With Kernel, develop your teams in Africa easily.
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